Saturday, March 27, 2010

Curating Local Music Talent in Ann Arbor

Last night the Ark in Ann Arbor hosted the final performance of the Student Songwriters Showcase Series and announced the winner. The event was held in-the-round at the University of Michigan Museum of Art

In my search for wire cutters to break through the tall fence around the Ann Arbor cool people crowd, I went to this event. I didn't get through the fence, but I got a look at who is inside. Emily Ross is the show director at the Ark and she MC'd the evening's performances. You might call her one of the gatekeepers on the fence around the cool people. Or as I like to call them, Curators.

Through Emily's good judgement and curation a young singer songwriter was ushered through the gate and Handel Winkler is now one of the cool people. She won the competition. It has been going on for weeks as a series of showcases and culminated last night as the winner was announced. I caught the moment on video for you: [the camera work doesn't do justice to the importance of the moment, but you get the idea]
And he winner is...
So Handel did an encore:

Handel performed last and up until then, my money was on Katie and Sarah:

Handel gets an opening performance slot at one the Ark shows as her prize for winning the contest. Watch for that announcement on the Ark on-line calendar:
and follow the Ark on Twitter

Here's an art shot of Katie Van Dusen:

And a close-up clip of Katie playing violin:

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