Thursday, September 17, 2009

First Movie Role

The Bag

I garbage picked it
from a student’s move-out heap
it’s what they wanted

so they put me in
then I made up a story
on how I got it

and they saw through it
so they didn’t like me much
but I was still in

and you can see me
in the Farmer’s Market scene
when it comes to town

“Trivial Pursuits”
my first role in a movie
carrying “The Bag”

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hollywood Basics

Labor Day Lesson

This is what I've learned:
Everyone in Hollywood
thinks they’re really smart...

much smarter than you.
They think they can drop their shorts
and you’ll pick them up.

It doesn’t occur
to people who think they’re smart
that you could fool them.

So, to the Beemer
with vanity plate SCHMOOZER:
Pick up your own shorts.

In front of the gym
where the locker room talk is
Hollywood “scripted”

I do my workouts
among more humble people,
like those in Glendale.

Not so important
to them to be more clever
than people like me.