Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cowboy Love

Rosey Outlook

She'd had enough grief.
So she made a suggestion.
"Look on the bright side."

He took her advice,
looked through rose-colored glasses.
This is what happened.

Tough Love

I stand at her door,
in the faint light of the dawn.
Who will come out first?

Will it be my foe,
the one I must drive away,
the man she married?

I must stand alert.
If he comes out before her,
there could be a fight.

He would end up dead.
That wouldn't please My True Love
She wouldn't like it.

He fathered her kids.
They have a life together.
He bought her this house.

If she comes out first,
I will have but a moment,
to put her at ease.

To declare myself.
Tell her she is My True Love.
And take her with me.

It isn't easy
being suspended between
love and a death match.

Someone is coming.
The door begins to open.
I take a deep breath.

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